Temtop Inc. is a subsidiary of Elitech Technology Inc. of the United States. Temtop committed to provide environmental particulate matter and environmental key indicators monitoring instruments, aiming to provide global users with a one-stop solution for environmental particulate matter monitoring.

Innovation First
Temtop adhering to the cornerstone of innovation first, focus on monitoring services such as environmental particulate matter for decades. Established an international research team and formed a global R&D cooperation environment. The company has always been committed to provide advanced and innovative measurement technology and has successively launched a series of products such as particle counters, aerosol monitors, and dust monitors, aiming to provide customers with reliable measurement and data analysis solutions to assist global environmental health and safety.

Global Service
Temtop’s headquarters was established in 1996, located in California and has 8 subsidiary companies in the United Kingdom, Brazil, Russia and China. Due to the company’s focus on the growing environmental market, a fully owned subsidiary of Temtop was established independently. There are now many environmental monitoring experts, engineers, sales representatives and modern factories in the world. We are committed to the research, development, production and sales of high-end precision instruments in the field of environmental monitoring. At present, there are more than ten thousand of Temtop particulate monitoring equipment, serving scientific research institutions around the world, schools, environmental monitoring, manufacturing, consulting and other industries.

Temtop has been focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of particle technology and monitoring system, continuously provides a series of instruments for the mass concentration of particles, particle counting, aerosol particles etc. Temtop provides innovative and accurate environmental particle monitoring instruments and system solutions for users worldwide.
Particle instruments range from 0.2 um to 100 um, and are widely used in various research and monitoring applications around the world including:
- Environmental particulate matter
- Indoor air quality
- Outdoor air quality
- Dust monitoring
- Micro air station
- Clean space
- Consulting industry
- HVAC system
- Industrial/ Occupational Hygiene
- Mining industry environment

Global Sales Channels
Elitech Technology, Inc.
Website: www.temtopus.com
Tel:(+1) 408-844-4070
Address: McCarthy Blvd, Milpitas, CA95035, US

United Kindom:
Elitech (UK) Limited
Tel: (+44) 208-858-1888
Address: 53 Norman Road, London, SE10 9QF UK

ELitech Brazil Ltda
Tel: (+55) 51-3939-8634
Address: Canoas - RS, 92410-695, Brazil

Elitech Plska Sp. Z.O.O
Tel: (+48) 605-885-502
Address: ul. Wilanowska 205-509 Józefosław

Elitech Russia
Tel: (+7) 915-167-2810
Address: 5th Donskoy Drive, No.15, Moscow, Russia

Temtop Shanghai
Address: #188, Aona Road, Pilot Free Trade Zone, Shanghai, China
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